Saturday, December 3, 2011

New VST and VSTi Blog and Community Forum

"What is Reconcile Now?" 

This is the blog that companions my forum 'The Reconcile Center'. 

"Ok, smart-ass - So, whats The Reconcile Center?"

The Reconcile Center is a project I started in an attempt to bring more awareness to the vast amounts of Freeware and Cheapware music production tools.  At the forum and on this blog I will be discussing the Pro Audio Music industry from the perspective of a musician/producer with a tight budget and wishing to stay away from pirated software as a means to my goal.

Free and cheap VST and VSTi's are everywhere.  You just have to be willing to look, and learn a few things along the way.  I hope this blog and the community connected to it makes that search a lot easier for future musicians everywhere. 

I'm looking to Reconcile the freeware/cheapware market with the commercial high-end market while encouraging the current user of cracked or pirated software to stop using illegitimate tools.

Are there products that are free or cheap that perform on the same level as Cubase, Ableton Live, or Studio One?  Yes, there is at least one readily available right now and MANY in the early development stages, beyond that there are little known alternatives that are quite a bit cheaper than their high-end brethren.

While most everyone knows of Image-Line and FL Studio, how about Synapse Audio and their COMPLETE production studio Orion?  You can have each one for just under $300 (sometimes less if you pay attention to sales) in stead of the $500 or even up into the thousands of dollars you'd spend on a comparable set up with capabilities you'll probably never use, because these products were not designed with home or budget musicians in mind. 

You do not NEED high-end production software to realize your dreams.  Trust me...but it does help if you can afford it. :P

Stay tuned for my next posting series "Getting Real About Piracy" and in the mean time come on over to the Center and join the forum discussions.  Currently only 1 member besides staff is registered and I'd love to see this place get packed with as many people as it can handle.

Reaper - This is a full-on DAW!  It's only $60!  Well, as long as you don't make more than $20,000 on the music you make with it; go into a new income bracket and it's still only $225!  You can demo it completely unrestricted for 30 days.  There are NO LIMITATIONS - hell even after that 30 days is up the only thing it does is put a nag screen up reminding you to go get a licenses.

Psychic Modulation Here is a Mid-Level developer who offers most of their products for free.  Here you can find a decent electronic drum machine. (Be careful some of the older plugins are heavy on the CPU.)

Angular Momentum This is another Mid-Level developer offering most of their work as freeware.  I recommend the Analogue Warfare series.

Look at that! Three links and you are ready to go completely for free!  I have so much more back at the forum and I'm not even done finding things!  Hell, and I haven't even given you a link to an effects suite that, in my opinion, out performs Waves...for FREE!  You'll have to come register for that one! lol Yeah, I'm advertising you, just buy in - I did!  Look how cool I am.  I've got my own blog and forum! :D

Damn it, I can't help's another link

Tweakbench - If you like a more eclectic sound or wanna make 'Nintendo' tracks...  This is where you need to go.  For some dirty bass I'm going to demand you download 'Pressure'.  It's hidden in the archive section, but members of The Center's forum can easily download a direct link.

Adios for now!

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